Friday, February 13, 2015


 It doesn’t matter
 So, why do we classify
Daughter to mother, as son is to Father
Go ahead! Say it’s just the natural way
But remember
Pink. Originally a masculine shade
Just as blue started as a girlish hue
Does it really matter
If she works and provides
While the one to stay home and watch the kids is the guy
It shouldn’t matter
So why discriminate ones who categorize
As the gender which their biology denies
Say it’s unnatural, or goes against your god’s will
Go ahead. Say it makes you ill
But in my eyes a person is a person
No matter how they identify
Now I don’t say conform
To these new modern societal ways
However, I do require
That you never let your mind easily sway
Never let others decide your heartly matters
Because in the end
The one constant that should always stay true
Is you just being  you

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