Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The air runs cold
Whispers to passing trees

So crisp,
I reach out to touch it
I breathe in to smell it

The sky painted over
Blue to gray
Full of Clouds

Stretching to kiss the ground
Instead burst with tears
Returning the liquids of Earth
, to their original state

The sky explodes with anger
Only to bellow out in pain
For now, sky and Earth are separate
And can only interact in such a way

When all is done, a ray of colors
Paint across the sky
Reminding us all
The bittersweet tale

Of ground and sky

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Door

The door is open
Waiting for me to enter
Just make the leap
“gulp” take a deep breath- get into position
… ready to pounce
“eyes open”
The door was open
Waited for me to enter
I was shackled by demons
Weighed down with worry
It’s out of reach
You’ll never make it
I turned back
Next time I won’t listen
I won’t think
Just “jump”

Saturday, December 19, 2015

What Type of Animal Are You?

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I stare at the question. I hate this type of question so much. Do they want to know which animal I want to be? Or the animal that best fits my personality? Because those are two completely different answers.

If it is what type of animal I am, then I am a scared porcupine. I am always ready to attack and if you get to close, I won’t hesitate to injure you. My attacks differ from a porcupine’s though. Rather than shooting quills (physical injury), I shoot off my mouth (verbal injury). Either way both attacks leave the victim with a stinging feeling.

If the answer is what type of animal do people see me as, then I would have to guess that they see me as a fox. They see me as clever and charming, but also cunning and manipulative. Everyone carries a certain amount of caution when they are around me. Not many people enjoy being in my company, rather they watch from a safe distance. Then there are others who feel I am a nuisance and do everything in their power to get rid of me, they also keep a certain distance. However, there are those few, who brave getting close to me. They are cautious at first, but they still get close to me. Many of them I ended up hurting and most did not return, however there are those few that still come around to stay with me. Those few have learned that I am not all that I seem; I may be cunning and I may have a sharp mind, but I am also foolish and get caught in my own traps from time to time. They have become my most valuable friends and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Lastly, what animal would I want to be? This is a hard question to answer. I don’t know what animal I would want to be. Even if I did, there still remains the question, do I really want to change myself? As much as I know that my personality can hurt those around me, I worry by changing myself to fit an ideal image, will the parts of me that I am actually fond of, disappear? And even if I didn’t worry about such things, I don’t believe that a single animal could define the person that I wish to become. For example, I wish I could be courageous in my daily life, but still have the wisdom to know when I am overstepping my boundaries. I want the freedom to travel whenever and wherever without anything holding me back, but also wish I had the ability to make deep connections with those around me. I want to be intelligent and witty, but not use those talents to hurt and manipulate the people I surround myself with. I want to be able to challenge myself and take risk and not allow myself to get discouraged easily. I want to be kind and gentle, but also know when to speak-up, or be strict with a person. In short, I don’t know what animal I would want to be, it can change just depending on the day and what mood I am in.

All of these answers may be different, however they also show off many different sides to myself, that couldn’t have been known had I simply just picked a single animal to answer this question. So, as much as these questions can give insight to a person’s personality, they are really too vague to give show the whole picture behind a person.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Illusive and vague
Close my eyes- The memory will stay
Dancing in my head
Life comes calling again
Swiftly filing you with the rest
Under the title of forgotten

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


You’re shrouded in darkness
Only appearing in the light
People say you’re harmless
Even though you blend into the night

You’re always close to me
Never leaving my side
But sometimes I feel lonely
When you decide to hide

You mimic me
Or maybe I you?
Master& Puppet? Or maybe
Just two mindless puppets without a clue