Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life's Endless Loop

      That day is burned in my memory
The warmth seemed to leap away
And suddenly I felt Constricted. Trapped!
The freezing cold started to fill my body
I thrashed around, slamming against the walls of my cage
Crack…. Crack…. Crack
My solid confinement broke open
A sudden burst of bright light crawled over my rough skin
And into my eyes- stinging for only a moment
I let out a wail of fear and confusion
“Huzzah- The Dragon has been slain!”
Are the first words I was to ever hear
Followed by many cries of joy and celebration
This was my very first memory—forever burned into my mind
Much as I burn the town now
And watch those same ‘creatures’ – who’s cheers I remember so clear
As they desperately scramble around
…. Trying to protect their young

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