Monday, February 23, 2015

The Intruder

The intruder glares me down

 She whispers, “I don’t belong.”

And continues, “I know this isn’t a place I should be.”

But she stays

Stays, in hope that she finds a place in this wretched land- a place where she can belong.

I believe that she is only trying to convince herself of this idea that there is a place for her here

I believe that she is actually held captive by my

-- Our cruel world.

She only wishes to belong

But every attempt at fitting in only makes people reject her more

There was a time that the intruder was compatible and she found comfort in being here

But the endless incantations slowly slipped into her mind making a permanent residence there; much as she is becoming a permanent entity of my-- their world

She sits in the corner, with her glaring eyes

She silently watches everyone and drinks the poison- supplied by long- time residents of this place.

Her one and only hope is that an escape will appear before death answers her pleas.

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