Friday, February 13, 2015


Just one serious conversation
Is that too much?
Just one silly squabble
Without losing our heads
Just one outing
Where we don’t end in frowns
And bow are heads in shame
Have laughs run-out on us
Do smiles escape at first chance?
Are we so full of fear
That trust just gave-up
And love disappeared
What is this madness, we’ve stumbled upon
If so, life must put on a masquerade
Keep-up an appearance of happy moments
, but the moment you’re hooked
It will pull back the curtains, exposing the truth
Life is just a series of never ending sadness
Secrets, always full of drama
Minds, constantly being broken
The day, always ending in hidden tears
Life should be worth living
Instead, it is something many are forced to trudge through
Much like the crappy, morning brew.

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